From photographer to fishing guide...

For twenty years I travelled all over the world as a photo-reporter for the french Photoa-gencies Sygma and Gamma and worked as a freelance for many different magazines, such as the Figaro, Géo, the Sunday Times or Bunte magazine. One day I decided to settle down, start a new life on Belle-ile and become a fishing guide.

Birth of a passion...


My love of the sea the countryside where I was born! The nature was wonderful and as soon as I could, I would run to the pond crowded with fish. I would sit there, day dreaming for hours, imagining what was happening beyond the woods and the hills. I was always climbing up trees and roofs, always wanting to see further and further, beyond my small horizon.

Discovery of the world


After four years at law school in Paris, I became photo-reporter for the big french Photo-agencies, Gamma and Sygma and later on for various magazines. I traveled in many parts of the planet , I learnt a lot about the world, witnessed wars and met the worst and the best of the people.
It is not at the other end of the world though that I discovered my little " paradise on earth" but on a small island off the coast of Brittany called Belle-ile en mer. There, with my enthusiastic little family I decided to embark on a new adventure.

Profession "fisherman"


I am a nationally accredited fishing guide and instructor and have also a sea captain degree stcw95


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